February 15, 2010

Party time

Its always fun to have parties in our weekends and even every evenings. whenever we go for party, we try to have maximum enjoyment and entertainment. We would always like to increase the rate of excitement and enjoyment of the party over the previous one. Peoples taste differs. We might go out for a poker night party. We might go out for swingers party. We might go out for some rock band party and so much more. The parties and the places are damn important. The Swingers parties particularly need the involvement of all the people participating in it. The concept of the party demands it. The los angeles swingers, san francisco swingers, san diego swingers, sacramento swingers and much more people from different states and cities. together form the major group of this partying club. There are so many offers provided for the people who are enrolled in short time. They guarantee a complete fun experience in the party hall and provide exciting cool ambiance for your stay. Totally, its the place for you guys to enjoy.

November 2, 2009

2 states - Chetan Bagat

Its again a magic masala from Chetan Bagat. He realized, what is expected out of him after his poor performance in The 3 mistakes of my life.

Story Line - Its evident from the back cover of the book or even from the title itself - "The story of my marriage".

Inspite of being evident, i have to tell it now. IIM-A guy(Krish) and IIM-A girl(ananya) fall in love. They belong to two different states. They want to get their parents acceptance and get married. Will they make it ? They will. How ? Like this....

Story :

College life:

Chetan Bagat mentioned it as his own life taken the shape of this book. Krish, the hero from punjab, and Ananya from TamilNadu love each other and decided to carry on further with marriage. Their college days, colorful romance, live-in relation for two years, sexy nights, naughty talks and lot more stuff in Chetan Bagat style are seen in this part of the book.

Chennai Life :

Krish moves to Chennai after getting a job to convince Ananya's parents to accept him. Since ananya is from some ultimately traditional family, it takes nerve out of Krish to convince them. His encounters with Ananya's father, Ananya's mother, brother and even a guy who comes to arrane marriage Ananya at some time. Krish faces all these issues along with his Bank works and fellow Chennai people. This can be called as the funniest part of the book.

Delhi life :

Since Krish convinced Ananya's Parents, its her time to do it back. So, Krish gets transferred and they go to Delhi. Ananya tries to please Krish's mom, but nothing worked out. After some filmy Female heroine role in a marriage, Ananya becomes Krish mom's favorite.

Family Fights :

When both family meets, they end up in fight and Ananya backs out from the entire love marriage plan. Krish suffers a mental Trauma and after a long struggle, his dad comes into picture after three books. Krish's Dad convinces Ananya's Family and the marriage is back.

Final part :

Its again a masala marriage session at Chennai. All relatives of Krish from Punjab comes to Chennai and teases each and every practice of Tamil Marriage, that reminds of some good old book that was shot as a serial.

+ Points :

* Connecting Five Point Someone here and there.
* Ridiculing Chennai and south India
* Chennai days
* Dad's (Malhotra) intervention and problem solving
* Sooper cool attitude of Ananya, unexpected from a Tamil Gal.

- Points :

* Mirchi masala
* Love failure and beard part
* Final part, too filmy

Rating :

8/10 - I love masala... i enjoyed the book and ratings reflect just that. Its definitely Biased :)

September 24, 2009

Thirai Alasal - UPO

Director : Chakri Toleti

Producers : Kamal Hasan and Ronnie Screwvala

Music : Shruthi Hasan (Debutant)

Star Cast :

Kamal Hasan, Mohan Lal, Lakshmi, Ganesh Venkatram, Anuja Iyer another cop and few others...

Story Line :

Remake of 'A Wednesday' movie from Hindi. Deeply hurt Indian protagonist, neatly planning and executing the murder of four international terrorists.

Story :

With lot of expectation we entered the theater and we came out as somewhat satisfied. Kamal just starts the movie with a simple call to the commissioner of Chennai City (Mohan Lal). He explains about his work on planting bomb at different spots in the city. So the department is on high alert. As home Secretary, Lakshmi appears and she performed really well. Since she gives power to take all actions in the issue to Mohan Lal.

After that, Kamal Hasan demands the release of four terrorists who involved in major bombing activities in India. Since he placed bomb in major places in the city, Mohan Lal abides to his demand. Then comes the two cops, who are the favorites of Mohan Lal. They are appointed to escort the terrorists to a safe place as mentioned by Kamal Hasan. In the mean time, Kamal leaks this news to press so that he can watch the police activities through them. There comes the smoking reported Natasha (Anuja Iyer). The two cops, Aarif and Sethu escorts the terrorists to the place mentioned by kamal and to their surprise, kamal designed a death bed for the terrorists. so the guy who threatened the government is not a terrorist and he is just a Common man who is deeply hurt by the terrorist activities. As a result of this operation, Mohan Lal gets suspended and the story ends as it was in Hindi.

Comments :

*Kamal missed a lot in this movie. He didnt stand upto Naseerudin shah.
*There could have been some little changes here and there which more people would have expected.
*If Kamal is not doing simple changes in a remake film, how can we expect it from some third grade actors.
* Music by shruthi Hasan is really different. People would guess, a hot, fast, thrilling scene is gona come, with the music itself. Here she played mild music and travelled along with the movie and didnt guide audience. It is really good on her part.

+ Points :

* Mohan Lal with casual acting and powerful dialogues
* Lakshmi countering Mohan Lal stood apart
* Aarif Khan , a cop with extra smartness and bright face and acting
* Kamal Hasan at his best in the Story telling. Explaining Mohan Lal about a horrible incident
* IIT drop out guy, who comes for tracing the call

- Points :

* People hate photo copy movies
* Kamal underplayed

Rating :


January 28, 2008

Current Shock

The election propaganda are very very impressive and lets take a look at those worthy things now for few minutes....

The parties published several books when they formed it..and release one by one for the successive elections..In the film "Mudhalvan" there will be a scene explaining the election time promises by the parties..

following is a littile sample which is fully fictitious...

Selvi J.J. Amma : If we were elected we will provide a Pulsor bike to each male student and a Scooty Pep to each girl student..We will provide free "Flight Pass" for all the students of both govt. school and other schools..We will plant trees as our symbol is "Irattai Ilai" and if DMK is elected TN will suffer from heavy blow of heat as their symbol is "Rising sun"..So please vote for us for your better fortune (of course theirs).

Dr.Kalingar : If we were elected we will increase the salary of govt. employees about 250%... I will write dialogues for films and give it to directors free of cost and save the film industry...Through "SUN TV " we will spread good news all over the world with improved strength..We will not here after follow the family politics and new contestents like stalin's wife , dayanidi's wife will contest the election..

Captain : If we were elected Tamil Nadu Police will be forced to border and arrest all sort of Terrorists...Stunt scenes will be featured in Podhigai channel regularly...No films will be released parallely to avoid clashes b/w the fans..(Especially to run his own film)...Every citizen should sing National Anthem 5 times a day...Patriotism will be made a compulsory subject for all students..and defence against dark terrorists will also be included in the syllabus...

Vaiko : Every one will be given training to play "Pambaram" and we will try to include pambaram in the olympics and lift the Tamil Nadu's heritage in the global olympics..Then we will allow people to support any groups and will not arrest any body for supporting any body...Kalingappati will be made as tha capital of TN...

Dr.Ayya : If we were elected we will ban all the scenes in the Tamil Films ....We will protest against the films having non-Tamil titles and release the film as it was..We will increase the intrest of people by fighting with famous stars...We will cancel the entrance exams and even the regular exams for all the Engineering and Medical students...

all the above statements are fully imaginary..

January 27, 2008

One day around Chennai

Just a day travel around many hot spots in Chennai these
tags covered me much … Difference is a major part in the
advertising field …so here are some tags…

1. Beauty parlor : Don’t whistle at the girls
out of our Parlor. She may be your Grand mother.

2. A signal at a turn : Stop here or you will go ^ -CCTP.

You might have seen at the back of many autos..
“Ankala parameshwari thunai” “Kannathal thunai” ,

“body guard muniswarar thunai” etc.. But a new one I saw

3. Auto back side : Podhumakkal thunai

( People are for me to Support).

4. NIIT : Come in as pup.. go out as hot dogs..

5. Hutch : In every Indian’s breathe.. Though you

may have airtel or aircel but you sneeze as Hutch.

6. Kohinoor c
ondoms : Inspire every one.. oops! Your’s one.

7. Macrennet : Even nuts like our nuts.. about you ?

8. Eicher (trucks
and buses) : Hitch Eichers guide to
the Galaxy and even to roads..

9. SSN institutions : We say S when you(anna univ) say NO.

10.LIC : Life is subjected to risk so as our

11.Spic : We make you lick even Gas..

12.Tamil Nadu Pollution
ctrl board : We control even your CO2 ..

13.Intellectual Property India : If you are intellect you can
own any
One’s property..

14.Sadan clinic : Test your testis..

15.DMDK (Vijayakanth’s party) : We replace calling bells
by DRUMS..
You hit it we will be at your service.

January 9, 2008

!0 precaution for cooking

When you want to cook, you must take 10 precautions. These are done in order to protect you from abuses from the fellow consumers.

1. Make sure you didnt add any salt to food,let it be served at table.
2.similarly no spices...
3.when cooking, first light the stove with utmost attention.
4. Care needed while cooking hot water.
5.Add some special powders like gokul santhol in you food to improve taste.
6. Be patient while others scold.
7. dont taste the food immediately after you finish cooking.
10. All is well that ends well, so turn off the gas cylinder properly.

8,9 left for you....

January 8, 2008

I got the award Bloggers of The World

I started a new blog called rajzone for writing my personal experience and jovial thoughts. I maintained it quite well, so that i was able to attract friends from other side of the world. I usually write about the girls and also got many girls readers. There are some close friends in blogging. One of them is doctor Kavi who gave me this award " Bloggers of the World". Im so happy doc to receive this award from your hands and thank you very much. If you want to see this award, please visit my another blog rajzone and comment on it.

Im tagged by my favorite thalaivi, PK...She is really a fantastic person and she is a great blogger, i know. This is a normal new year resolution tag. So friends, don feel much if i tag this to you...

I tag

  1. vijay
  2. mahesh
  3. sathish
  4. sid
  5. sano
  6. boopu
  7. kavin
  8. jayashree
  9. preethika
  10. kavi

December 17, 2007

Hey Stay Away.......

I was in a deep sleep... Suddenly i woke up with my face full of sweat. My face was flushed and i could feel the new blood running over it. Hooooo i could not imagine what i was dreaming. My pa and ma were sitting beside me and watching mye with similar expressions in their face. They asked me in unison , " What happened da...?" I was not in a state to answer them. In fact , I was not aware of what happened, why they are beside me.... So i asked them in return, " Whats the matter?"... My ma was so tensed and told what happened... I could not stop laughing.... I was murmuring in my dream....."Hey Stay Away".......

Yup... you are right... I was dreaming about my semester exams.....

December 15, 2007

Im Tagged.....

Usually i wont respond for tags and disturb others with these tags.. But im doing both now.. Pinaywife tagged me and here is the survey....

1. Whats one thing thats heavily
weighing on your mind?
-Im leaving college.I have to work.

2. what's one thing you've learned from
a good friendship gone bad?
- I can screw up things better :)

3. whats one thing you've learned
lately from love?
- Love requires seriousness.

4 . is there anyone special in your
life at the moment?
- Ya. My friend divi.

5. whats a happy time you've had in
the past week/s?
- Friends get together :)

6. how far would you go for love?
- Till my love would go for me.....

7 . is there anything in your past that
you'd like to do/try again?
- Love.

8. whats your favorite kind of weather?
- cloudy.

9. why is this?
- rain would do good for my land.

10 . who do you like to spend your
nights with?
-Myself alone...

11. are you an emotional person?
- certainly not....

12. can you cry in front of others
-never. I never cried with my senses on...

13 . whats something that can always
make you feel better?
- Mom's call.

1 4 . what does love make you feel like?
- Great...

15. and losing love?
- very great...

16. are you self consciOUS?
- Very much...

17 . do you think of others before
- not most of the times. but some times i do.

18 . where do you see yourself some
time next year?
- in any b-school or any s/w company.

19. do you tend to make relationships
- not mine, but help other to get it done....

20. do you think you'd be able to
survive a whole year in jail?
- i spent whole four years in the name of college.

21. who do you feel the most
comfortable to go around?
- My friends kumar, sathish,vijay.

22. is there something that you're
waiting for? someone perhaps?
- Ya....

23. one thing you're looking
forward to..
- Get a degree...

24. how do you feel about change?
- I would like to change whenever possible...

25 . any plans this summer?
- nop.

26. what are your plans for your next
- Escape.

27. do you think someone out there is
in love with you?
- Certainly not. If any please contact me...

28. how do you feel right this second?
- Good.

29. one word that describes you at
this point of your life?
- Crazy

30. what do you think about this
- Too long...

I would like to get scolds from all my friends by tagging them this thread.... Mahesh, Vijay, Kudi,Arun, Samba, Sano, jaya, sid, kavin and ravi.

December 13, 2007

Appy Birthday Yakka......

Today(13-12-07) is a very special day. My dear sister Preethika is celebrating her --th birthday. She is one of the nice person i met in my life. She is the first girl i called akka in my class. My class is filled with so many ints and preeth is one among that elite group. I often find a matured way of reacting from her in each and every aspect. She has a broad perspective which is difficult to find among this age of girls. I would love to have you as my dear sister throughout my life... Once again many many many...... more happry returns of the day.... Yakka.......

ps: don worry ka... will remove poto tom...(for ur privacy)

December 11, 2007

Correct me , so that i can reciprocate

I feel bad, when i think about myself,
I never felt complete in my mind shelf.
I never like mistakes as my identity,
I cared much about my image and dignity.

My parents were very proud during my school days,
I bring prestige to their brought up always.
But nowadays i feel myself in a platform,
That suddenly takes a court form.

My friends consider me as a wrong doer,
How can i prove myself to this sayer.
I never regret that i did mistakes,
There are no one with empty stakes.

I welcome you all to point out my wrong,
I ll act on those stuff really strong.
Help in seeking a way for me to locate,
So that i can reciprocate.